Mission Statement

St. Martin De Tours Foundation Is A Nonprofit Organization Established For Educational Purposes.

Our Mission

Scholarships are open to all St. Martin Parish high school seniors.

The Foundation accepts for review applications from high school seniors who will be graduating from St. Martin Parish High Schools. The scholarships are also available for home schooled students. Applicants should possess and be willing to demonstrate a strong commitment to higher education and values consistent with core principals of faith.

The Foundation’s History

The foundation was established by attorney Barry Sallinger.

“For more than thirty years, my practice has been focused on the representation of families who suffer from the effects of alcohol and drug problems. Education, integrity, and spirituality are essential components necessary for successful resolution. Those components serve as cornerstones in the St. Martin de Tours Foundation.”

While the creation of the Foundation had been a work in progress for several years, one event made the organization a reality; Sallinger’s relationship with the family of Lynne Judice, who was tragically killed in an automobile collision in 2012.

“Early on in my relationship with Lynne’s family I came to realize what a very special person she was. She lived her life in prayer and thoughtful reflection. She was a loving wife, mother, sister and daughter who modeled her life after the Blessed Mother. Her belief in the benefits of proper education were unshakable. She touched many lives with her kindness and generosity. It became very clear to me that the values she possessed should live on beyond her passing. The Foundation seeks to perpetuate Lynne’s legacy by offering scholarships to those who share her values,” says Sallinger.

For the day to day operations of the Foundation, Sallinger had to look no farther than Lynne’s sister, Joni Lantier, and her nephew, Joni’s son, Dane.

“Dane suffers from Morquio syndrome, a particularly cruel disease which has wracked his body from birth. Every day is a struggle for him. His disease has forced him to suffer through more than a dozen surgeries and innumerable hospitalizations to keep him from being bedridden. Morquio side effects include dwarfism. Though small in stature (Dane is 42″ tall), Dane indefatigable spirit allows him to tower over most. With disabilities which would force most of us to surrender, Dane lives his life with complete self-sufficiency and dignity.”

Dane serves as vice-president, web master and operations manager for the foundation. His mother Joni, serves as secretary and treasurer of the organization.

“We Committed To Assist Those Less Fortunate Students Who Have Persevered Through Faith, Integrity, And A Commitment To Self-Betterment.”